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I attended a weekend photo camp at the Wilds in Cambridge, OH, near Zanesville. This wildlife conservation center has 10,000 acres for the animals to roam. It is home to rare and endangered species from around the world. They are living in natural, open-range habitats.

We stayed in a yurt. It is a round structure with screened windows all around, a wooden floor, and a front and back door. Inside there are enough bunkbeds to sleep 8 people. At night, you tie down the canvas flaps over the screens. It got down to 46 degrees the first night, so we needed the sleeping bag and a blanket.

At night, we could hear the deer breathing right outside our window. It was a long walk in the dark with a flashlight, if you needed to use the bathroom during the night. When we got up at 5am the sky was full of stars. I have never seen so many stars!! That made it worthwhile to get up so early for the sunrise shoot. We had to be on the bus by 6am.

We went around the Wilds in open air buses or pick up trucks, sitting on hay bales in the back bed to take photos. We had two professional photographers to help us set up shots and help with technical and lighting issues. Wilds staff members drove us up close to the animals and shut off the motor, so we could get the shots.

I had to narrow down the thousands of pictures to the number you see in the gallery. Enjoy!
We stayed in these yurts.  They slept 8 people.  There was one for men & women.Inside of the yurt.  They have screens with flaps that tie down and a front and back door.I am standing right outside my yurt.  The showerhouse / bathroom is down by the vehicles.  Long walk!  The building on the right is the tent where we ate our meals.We rode in open air buses and sometimes in the back of a pickup truck to take photos.The trucks went off road and got very close to the animals.Endangered Persian Onager - from IranEndangered Cheetah - Africa & IranGiraffe - Central, Southern and East AfticaEndangered Przewalski's Europe and AsiaOne horned Asian Rhino- Bhutan, India, Nepal

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Great pictures!! It looks like a fantastic photo op!!
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